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Canadian Comedians Unite


Canada occupies a unique place in the world of arts and entertain- ment. A government-funded arts infrastructure and a near-total monopoly of American culture in our media landscape have come to define this Canadian life. Part government mandate, part American invasion, this state of affairs has fueled a fragmented Canadian identity that copies more than [...]

May 2019

Interrobang on CASC in Ottawa


Canadian Comedians Heading to Capitol to Lobby for Rights. Here’s What They’re Asking For. If you read the original version of “I’m Dying Up Here”- the book not the Showtime tv series, then you know that comedians talking about unionizing, banding together for rights, is not unheard of here in the states. But it’s also [...]

Disappearing Our Culture… by Sandra Battaglini


"As an agricultural and industrial nation Canada ranks high in the world. But as a cultured nation exploring the human mind and soul she ranks low. She has excused herself because of the size of her population, her youth and the battle she has had to wage wresting the country from nature. Those last two [...]

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FRIDAY THE 13TH - Sandra Battaglini hosts a DARING night of COMEDY and VARIETY in one of Toronto's oldest and grandest theatres - THE REDWOOD in Toronto's Little India. With Chantel Marostica Phil Luzi Patrick Hakeem Jada Hudson and Jen Georgopoulos Tickets are $20 in advance at: $22 at the door.

March 2018


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