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The Ha Shish Show at Cannabis Culture Toronto w/Host Vandad Kardarbring you a monthly special show with the finest in Canadian & International comedians in the most splendid setting in our Cannabis lounge – this month one of Canada’s most funny people period- Sandra Battaglini

She’s accomplished on screen (full list http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1715154/ )
Crafted in classical mime & clown she is a regular at my international Toronto clown festival & in stand-up comedy she has excelled for years on all stages of all legitimacy from fine theatres to rave reviews including best one woman show to the hazy crazy Toronto world of weed friendly comedy !

Featured on the show is none other than Adrienne Fish – a natural born performer and one of the most real, authentic and delightful stage presences ever witnessed Adrienne recently performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival on CBC & is co-host of the phenomenal Church Street comedy show which features the best in LGBQT & Ally comedic acts at the Pegasus weekly – right down the street from us in the heart of Toronto’s village community. Adrienne has huge things in store and the chance for us to enjoy her live is a high almost as good as gold seal Afghani!!

Also on the show is the marvelous Ms. Camille Côté – a bold impassioned comedienne finding her way into our hearts through joy and laughter – she explores the world of hip hop- dating – the struggle of being clumsy and maintaining essential self-esteem of ones personal areas we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing at her & will be glad you saw her here rising like a hash induced wiff of mirth!!!

Finally there is our host Vandad Kardar – cooky strange and bewildering his FF brand off colour off tempo and off the script style of room commanding rants will lead you breathless as the absurdities of life are unhinged connected for by dot in the smoke screen of Vandad’s political views paranoid scepticism of my the status quo and endless drive to spread joy across demographics and socio-economic lines

Doors at 9 Free w purchase

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