Comedy storm coming home to Sudbury

Sandra Battaglini is coming home and she’s bringing the laughs with her.

The award-winning actor, stand-up comic and writer will return March 26 to headline this month’s installment of Theatre Cambrian Late Night, a monthly comedy show.

Theatre Cambrian’s executive director, Mark Mannisto, is welcoming the comedienne back home with open arms.

“She’s probably one of Canada’s funniest comics,” said Mannisto. “She’s tearing up a storm not only on the comedy circuit but in film and television, as well.”

This will also be Theatre Cambrian Late Night’s first headlining performance by a woman, which is another reason for comedy fans to be excited. Mannisto said that should add a unique twist to the show.

“Her being a woman, that alone is very exciting,” said Mannisto. “We get to laugh and have fun with topics that the male mind doesn’t necessarily think about.”

Theatre Cambrian was eager to bring in a woman to headline and Battaglini was a no-brainer.

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