The comedy of three

We’re conservative people, loyal to our mining heritage and may enjoy the occasional beverage, but dang it all, we Sudburians are funny people, too.

A good Italian girl, Sandra Battaglini grew up in Sudbury, studied history at Laurentian University and then moved to Toronto to pursue a career in marketing.

While in the big city she had the chance to see a Second City improv show, which changed the course of her life.

“I was like, ‘sign me up,’ ” said Battaglini over the phone from Toronto, during a break on a film set.

“I had done a little theatre in university with the Italian comedy troupe, then I did a year with Second City, then after that year, you do a show.”

Comedy allows Battaglini to “be free.”

“When you’re in the marketing and advertising world, you get the opportunity to create something, but often, the client makes the decision.”

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