Triggering laughs

Sandra Battaglini’s last name translates as “small battalion of soldiers” in English. But she won’t be fighting too hard for laughs in her latest one-woman show. The Sudbury-born performer’s a natural comic. In her improv work, she knows how to get to the honesty of a scene, the pain that makes us laugh all the harder.

Those same instincts should make this multidisciplinary look at her life growing up Italian-Canadian in a mining town both funny and bittersweet.

The show consists of a series of anecdotes about Battaglini’s life, along with video segments, some clown turns and audience participation. There’s even some dance.

“I come out dancing to a Michael Jackson song,” she tells me before her performance of Tony ‘N’ Tina’s Wedding, where she play’s the mouthy mother of the bride.

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