March 2016

Sandra in the Sudbury Star – 2016


Comedy storm coming home to Sudbury Sandra Battaglini is coming home and she's bringing the laughs with her. The award-winning actor, stand-up comic and writer will return March 26 to headline this month's installment of Theatre Cambrian Late Night, a monthly comedy show. Theatre Cambrian's executive director, Mark Mannisto, is welcoming the comedienne back home [...]

April 2015

Sandra in the Sudbury Star – 2015


An Italian comedy of errors Toronto-based comic and Sudbury native Sandra Battaglini makes her STC debut and so does Steve Pigozzo, who now works in TV, film and theatre in Toronto. Alessandro Costantini, founding artistic director of YES Theatre stars in the production as does veteran STC actor Ron Tough of Sudbury. Read full article [...]

December 2014

May 2013

June 2012

Sandra Battaglini is a Classy Lady


Leslieville comedienne stages solo show at the Alumnae Theatre Photo/COURTESY Sandra Battaglini stars in Classy Lady at the Alumnae Theatre, her latest comedy solo show. It hasn't always been easy but Leslieville-based comedienne Sandra Battaglini is glad she followed her heart and is doing a career she loves. A Sudbury native who has called the [...]

Sandra in the Torontoist


Local Ladies Who Make Us Laugh (2012 Edition) We suppose it’s a small sign of improvement that a recent National Post story—the latest of many articles to denigrate and disparage “women in comedy”—never once claimed that “women aren’t funny.” Instead, it said that women have “almost no choice” but to portray themselves as “unattractive, sexually [...]

September 2003

Sandra in NOW


Triggering laughs Sandra Battaglini's last name translates as "small battalion of soldiers" in English. But she won't be fighting too hard for laughs in her latest one-woman show. The Sudbury-born performer's a natural comic. In her improv work, she knows how to get to the honesty of a scene, the pain that makes us laugh [...]


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