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Article 605

Welcome to another installment of my blog Batts Outta Hell. For those of you who are new to my blog, I’m a stand-up comedian and actor based in Toronto and when I get really wound up [...]

The Knitterati

Darlings of the Knitting community - Mary Crochet and Gerry DiLana - make a deal with a mobster they can’t repay. Two worlds collide and everything unravels. A new comedy short featuring award-winning comedy duo [...]

The Robot Hand that Rocks the Cradle

One day I was walking along Queen St. in Toronto minding my lmnop’s and then it hit me – a billboard with the most outlandish call to action I’d ever seen. It was an avalanche [...]

Barely There

Before I became a comedian I was in the marketing and ad business. I wanted to do something creative and decided that marketing just might be the thing. Well sorta, kinda, not really. There was [...]

The Evil Cross Eye

The Evil Cross Eyesandrabatt: On Friday November 30th at approximately 4:30pm I went to the Longo’s in Woodbridge at Rutherford and Clarence to buy bacon. We were making Caesar salad for my mother’s birthday and [...]

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