Comedian – Actor – Writer – Activist

Sandra Battaglini is an award winning stand-up comic, actor, writer and activist. She is a two time Canadian Comedy Award winner for her solo show shows, Classy Lady and Hard Headed Woman. She appears in The Amazing Gayle Pile (NBC Seeso), Tall Boyz (CBC), In the Dark (CBS) and Communist’s Daughter (CBC), Miss Personna (Amazon). She premiered her 7th solo show Baby Jeez and other Abreevs in Toronto and released a comedy album with the same name. She spearheaded a grassroots movement to have stand-up comedy recognized as an art form and co-founded the Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch and Improv Comedians that lobbies for comedian’s rights.



Sandra Battaglini: Take it Ease

Recorded live from Toronto’s east side in one of the city’s original vaudeville theatres, Sandra Battaglini dives into the anatomy of Italian curses, ghosts, biblical prophecies, flat-earthers, being typecast as a widow, her father’s obsession with suing the banks, corporate greed and so much more!

MAyor of comedy

THE MAYOR OF COMEDY is an eye-opening documentary that follows Sandra as she rallies the biggest names in the Canadian comedy industry in an effort to address the many challenges they face. Sandra and filmmaker Matt Kelly give viewers an all-access pass to the murky world of Canadian showbiz, a world where the funniest people in the country struggle and the industry strives to keep it that way.


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“Battaglini specializes in the peculiar and unexpected…”




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“SANDRA BATTAGLINI’S LAST NAME translates as “small battalion of soldiers” in English. But she won’t be fighting too hard for laughs in her latest one-woman show. The Sudbury-born performer’s a natural comic. In her improv work, she knows how to get to the honesty of a scene, the pain that makes us laugh all the harder.”

Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

“So what can the audience expect from Hard Headed Woman? Three beginnings, three endings, freestyle dancing and celebration.”



Nick Flanagan, Eye Weekly


Check out Sandra’s looks, events, backstage moments and more in her photo gallery.